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Stav Achai is a Tel Aviv based pianist, composer and arranger. As a performing artist, she is known for her unique sound, combining jazzy RnB harmonies with catchy melodies.

Stav began her musical journey from a classical point of view but as the years went by, she started to explore the wide range of jazz, rock and pop music.
Today she combines the worlds creating a colorful palette of music.

Stav’s influences range from Bartok to Bach Steve Reich to Monk, Steely Dan, Radiohead, Robert Glasper & many more.

Stav debut album ‘Plastic Cocoon’ released on october 2020 and got a lot of attention from the israeli music scene and radio stations all over the world.
the album performed on Haaretz 9 albums recommendations and selected as the album of year by columbus magazine

״Stav Achai’s music is varied and influential and almost indefinable, but has everything.״
Yotam Ziv | Haaretz


Band Members
  • Piano & Compositions
    Stav Achai
  • Upright Bass
    Daniel Harlev
  • Drums
    Shahar Haziza
  • Guitar
    Roi Avivi