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“Named after Charlie Megira’s hit song “At the Rasco”, and influenced by The cramps, Beach Boys, Elvis , April March and many more, Rasco distill into their music the essence and sound of sixties surf and garage bands, and combine it with vocal harmonies and Hebrew lyrics.
Eden Atiya (Electric guitar) met Gaya Wajsman (Bass guitar) at a weird little smokey cave in Jerusalem, they teamed up with Itay Hamudi (Drums) to create Rasco.
After Touring Israel With bands like The Crotches, The Turbans, Messer Chups, Thee Irma and Louise, Jealous and many more, Rasco released their self-titled debut album as the first vinyl of the label Holit Records.
Their album is filled with Electric guitars, Catchy riffs, Sea and sun.
Sounds of Rasco explore the past, and melt the present into the future.

Band Members
  • Guitars and Vocals
    Eden Atiya
  • Bass and Vocals
    Gaya Wajsman
  • Drums
    Itay Hamudi