“MISDARON” – short film + live soundtrack by SHUZIN & GUY NACHUM LEVY

“MISDARON” – short film + live soundtrack by SHUZIN & GUY NACHUM LEVY
Original Audio-Visual production of the ” Jerusalem Jazz Festival”, a remarkable and breathtaking work, first performed on stage in June 2021.


Musician Shuzin changes identities the way people change their socks. Shuzin is the name under which he DJs and does, as he puts it, “all things synthesized”. Shuzin also uses other aliases to direct and create visual materials for his own musical projects (Geshem, 3421, Trilion, SmellFish) and those of others, being certainly blessed with multiple talents and a range of achievements.
Together with his fellow creator, Guy Nahum Levy – an up-and-coming young cinematographer and director with a rich portfolio in the fields of video, fashion, street art and design (Adidas, Gal Schoenfeld, Efrat Cassuto, Dorin Frankfurt, Lara Rosnovsky, Batsheva Dance Company and others) – they created a 30-minutes film capturing the various spaces of the museum.
Nahum Levy, who grew up in South Tel Aviv and studied in the Tel Aviv School of the Arts and Telma Yalin Art School, testifies that he himself finds calmness in tense situations – the tension between disgust and unimaginable elegance. This is the chief component in his artistic work. In recent years he has dived into the world of video clips, his latest work with his partner Shuzin is the much-talked-about video for the French version of the Israeli song ‘The most beautiful girl in daycare.’ The relationship between the two artists is blossoming into a unique and productive visual and artistic partnership.
The duo will present in the festival the short film “Corridor,” (MISDARON) the result of Guy Nahum Levy emotional (and personal) walk through the impressive entrance of the Israel Museum, which starts off gray and ends with all colors of the rainbow.
The film was shot throughout the museum as a song of praise to its structural, architectonic foundations, relating to the archaeological and history wings, as well as the corridors and passageways which are not galleries.
A journey through his lifetime, from childhood till today, surfacing pondering of ‘finitude’ and ‘time’ as a naturally philosophical stream of consciousness.
Here, he pours into a video rich in characters and extras, his visual, ambitious and iconic thinking into a myriad of surreal humanist imagery, curating his unique interpretation of the museum experience and his great love of art and its healing capacity. Art as healing, and the museum as a healing space accompanying the creator through his entire life.
Band Members
  • keyboards and elctronics
  • Drums
    Yonadav Halevy
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