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Yasmin jazz \ DMZL \ NUNU

Yasmin jazz \ DMZL \ NUNU

Yasmin jazz \ DMZL \ NUNU in a special hip-hop party!

Yasmin jazz – a tel-avivian rapper singer and a producer

 DMZL – Damsel has established herself as one of the unique voices in the field, her scorching lyrics bring a strong and intense emotional charge, and willingness to engage in hidden dark corners of the psyche. She has gentleness and cheekiness, she rides a beat completely different from anything we’ve heard recently

NUNU – It was impossible to be online in the last few months without hearing about Nunu. Her debut single “Banim” (Boys) stormed its way into mainstream radio playlists and prime-time Israeli TV just one week after its release. Nunu’s songs teeter the line between hilarious and dead serious – the music paces frantically between genres, while the lyrics bring a unique humorous twist to day-to-day Israeli life. Following guest appearances with major Israeli artists such as Echo and Jimbo J, she is now approaching the release of her first album, an extreme version of what pop music could potentially become.