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Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Spice Girls smoked crack and joined
forces with the Power Rangers on acid? Meet BĘÃTFÓØT. These punk-infused
electronic poltergeists and big-beat acid trio are led by Udi Naor, drummer and founding
member of electronic duo Red Axes. Adi Bronicki, leader of garage punk folk band Deaf
Chonky brings Nimrod Goldfarb. The band have been launching warped stoner-acid-
pop out of Tel Aviv with maniacal intent and are producing post-punk rave bangers that
will scorch every dance floor with a huge lethal smile.
The band’s self-titled debut was released on 17th September on Manfredi Romano
aka DJ Tennis’ Life and Death.

Band Members
  • MC + Samplerz
    Udi Naor
  • MC + Casio
    Adi Bronicki
  • Bass
    Nimrod Goldfarb