International Music Showcase Festival Registration

jazz & world music – Rock, Indie & Electronic 2021

The official event in Israel to exposing the best Jazz & World Music, Rock, Indie and Electronic bands & artists. Working with the leading music industry personal from around the world. The International Showcase Festival is led by the Yellow Submarine in collaboration with the Cultural Diplomacy Bureau in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Culture.

The International Music Showcase Festival is the leading event which connects Israeli music and musicians to the rest of the world. The festival generates impressive results: booking worldwide concerts, improved exposure, and gaining a new international audience. The International Exposure Festival has been building relationships with Israeli musicians to the rest of the world for a decade.

Who will be there?

International festival directors, directors of cultural institutions, agents, buyers, promoters, producers, members of Israeli delegations abroad and journalists.
Each year we host 100 experts from around the world.

When and Where?

The International Music Showcase Festival , Jazz & World Music will take place during November 17-20
music Rock, Indie & Electronic  will take place during November 24-28. 

At the “Yellow Submarine” and other special venues  in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Regulations and criteria for registration

Who is accepted?

Each year only 25 ensembles are chosen for each event out of hundreds that apply. A professional committee, comprised of six members, reviews the material sent in by the applicants. They then decide on the 25 chosen ensembles for each event. The members on the committee are changed once in 2-3 years and are supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The relevant criteria

First and foremost – the music. The members on the committee are among the world’s leading music industry professionals and know good music when they hear it.
In addition, experience performing professionally, willingness to tour abroad, running an active Facebook page, having material in English and serious management are all huge advantages.

Applying for a second year in a row?

You are eligible. But note that no more than 20% of ensembles in the 2020 festival can be participants from the 2021 festival.

If you have participated in the festival for the past two years, you can not apply for a third year.

How to apply?

Musicians interested in applying must fill out the application form available on the website. Make sure to complete the form both in Hebrew and in English.

Application fee

A nominal fee of 50 NIS.


Years of Activity

Applying band must be active for at least one year.


Applying band had several performances during the last year.

High Quality Live Video

Applying band must attach at least one high quality live video.

Decent English

Applying band should be capable of speaking & communicating in English.

No Changes in Band Members

The musicians that are written in the application are those who perform in the festival. The festival will reconsider the participation of the band in a case of band members changes. 


Application will be accepted until Jun 19  at 12 pm.

Accepted applicants will be notified by the end of July 2021. 

*Please use Chrome/Firefox not Explorer while filling in the application.

Good Luck!