International Music Showcase Festival Registration

jazz & world music – Rock, Indie & Electronic 2021

The official event in Israel to exposing the best Jazz & World Music, Rock, Indie and Electronic bands & artists. Working with the leading music industry personal from around the world. The International Showcase Festival is led by the Yellow Submarine in collaboration with the Cultural Diplomacy Bureau in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Culture.

The International Music Showcase Festival is the leading event which connects Israeli music and musicians to the rest of the world. The festival generates impressive results: booking worldwide concerts, improved exposure, and gaining a new international audience. The International Exposure Festival has been building relationships with Israeli musicians to the rest of the world for a decade.

Who will be

International festival directors, directors of cultural institutions, agents, buyers, promoters, producers, members of Israeli delegations abroad and journalists. Each year we host 100 experts from around the world.

When and

The International Music Showcase Festival , Jazz & World Music will take place during November 17-20 music Rock, Indie & Electronic will take place during November 24-28. At the "Yellow Submarine" and other special venues in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Registration is over
Full details coming soon